Do you have a beautiful piece of needlework that you are really proud of? You might be considering your options when it comes to framing and displaying your needlework. Before your piece gets framed and hung on the wall for people to admire, here are four ways to prepare your needlework for needlework framing.

1. Carefully Wash Your Needlework 

This may sound like a scary first step, but because your needlework is getting framed — either under glass or without glass — this is the way that your needlework is being preserved and kept. For this reason, needlework that is free of dust and dirt is the best place to start. You can wash your needlework by hand, using cold water that will not stretch or ruin the needlework. It is best to use a clear liquid detergent that has no perfume or colour dye added. The other option is to have your needlepoint dry cleaned. Now, you are ready to move on to the second step in preparing your piece for needlework framing.

2. Iron Your Needlework Before Needlework Framing

The last thing you want in your needlework display framing is a piece of needlework that is wrinkled. To make your needlework as immaculate as possible before framing, iron it as smoothly as possible. Place a full fluffy sheet or towel for cushioning on an ironing board or level surface, and use the iron setting that corresponds to the material that your needlework is on.

3. Select The Right Backing Paper For Your Needlework Display Framing

Because needlework fabric tends to be quite thin, this can pose two issues to consider when it comes to needlework framing. First, the needlework might not be opaque enough to be displayed properly, and second, dust and dirt from walls can easily come in from behind the frame and stain the needlework. For these reasons, select the right backing paper for your needlework framing. Acid-free paper is a good option for needlework.

4. Select The Right Frame For Your Needlework Display

Consider the colours and patterns in your needlework and think about which colours and styles of frame will best display your craft. Would a round hoop frame work the best? Or a square or rectangular needlework frame? Measure up your needlework piece with a tape measure to make sure that you have the dimensions right. No matter what the height or length is, there will be custom needlework frames available to suit it.

Once your needlework has been prepared for framing, there are many custom options when it comes to hoops and frames to display your needlework. Talk to an expert about needlework display framing today.