If you want to venture into candle making, you need to understand that candle wax is the most critical ingredient. However, you should consider various factors when choosing wax, including the amount of scent desired, natural or synthetic wax, type of finish and the level of difficulty in candle making. Beginners should take time to determine the right kind of candle wax to buy based on the factors mentioned above. This article offers newbies a guide regarding three candle wax types: beeswax, paraffin wax and soy wax.


Beeswax is the oldest type of wax for making candles and has become standard in many of the candles you find in stores. Beeswax contains a naturally sweet fragrance because it is a combination of wax and honey. Besides, the smell differs based on the type of flowers the bees obtained nectar from. The purity of beeswax is achieved by melting and filtering it multiple times. You can buy beeswax in slabs or blocks for further melting during candle making. Alternatively, candle makers can buy pre-rolled beeswax sheets, which are easily transformed into candles without melting. Also, you can buy beeswax broken into little pellets for easy melting. Beeswax is ideal for making pillar candles that do not need any container.

Paraffin Wax 

During the refinery process of crude oil, one useful by-product is paraffin, a popular wax-making ingredient because it is budget-friendly. With paraffin, you can combine a range of scents to achieve different products that appeal to a wide clientele. Besides, paraffin wax is easy to dye, and thus, you can make candles in a range of colours. Therefore, if you are on a low budget but desire colourful candles, then paraffin wax should be your go-to raw material.

Soy Wax

One attribute that candle makers look for in candle wax is the burn time, which refers to the duration it takes for a candle to burn out completely. Soy wax is known to have the longest burn time, which translates into fewer candles being used. Oil is separated from soybeans and then purified in readiness for hydrogenation, which refers to the chemical process of turning oil into solid. Other ingredients, such as botanical vegetable oils, might be added to soy wax for enhanced performance and unrivalled characteristics. Note that soy wax is attractive because it is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The attribute makes it popular with environmentally conscious customers, which increases your market size.

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