Art is very personal; everyone looks at paintings differently. Some people are captivated by traditional landscape scenes, while others revel in the intrigue and excitement a more contemporary image can offer. What many people don't stop to think about is that picture frames can be just as unique as the art they frame. The frame is what showcases the work of art; it finishes off the piece and helps the viewer to focus on the artwork. A frame that is perfect for one painting or display item will look totally out of place around a different piece of art. It might be that the nature of the artwork requires a particular colour or style surrounding it to show it to its best advantage, or sometimes it is the size or shape of the artwork that creates the need for custom picture framing.

What frame suits your picture?

Pictures come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. If you want to place your artwork in a standard picture frame, you can generally find one that fits fairly well, but your choice of frame will be limited, and there are always going to be some pictures that don't fit any commercially available frame. For these artworks, custom picture framing is your best option. Custom picture framing allows you to choose the exact size, colour and style of frame that will display your picture to the best effect.

Finding a picture frame that is right for you

You can choose between the highest quality metal and wooden frames until you find exactly the look that will make your picture look amazing. Decide on the most appropriate mount and frame to create the perfect effect. Discuss with your framing expert what other ways you can customise your frame. It is normally possible to customise not just the style and colour of the frame but every aspect of the framing process. You might desire a deep bevel mount, or a single or double groove, all of which should be available in a colour of your choice. You could also choose the type of glass required, whether it is standard 2mm float glass or acrylic safety glazing, or even whether you want glass fitted on your picture at all.

However you want your picture to look, choosing custom picture framing allows you to select exactly the look that will complement both the artwork and the surrounding environment. By careful selection, you can design a frame that perfectly complements both the work of art and the interior design in your home or office.